Volunteers Are Needed

Five Seasons Chamber Festival is a labor of love, both for the staff and for the faculty.  We bring our instructors in for the week, and we house them and feed them.  We also need help with various organizational duties, such as printing our programs, setting up and breaking down our concerts, collecting tickets, etc.  If you want to help us, contact us.


Volunteer to House a Faculty Member

If you have a spare room in your home, and you would like to share your home with one or more of our faculty, please contact Stephanie Wagor.


Volunteer to Provide Lunch or Dinner for the Faculty

We want our faculty and staff to know how much we appreciate the long hours that they make each year to provide amazing support to our participants. One way we do this is by providing lunches and dinners.  If you would like to provide a meal for our faculty and staff, please contact Stephanie.


Volunteer to Bring Snacks for the Hungry Musicians

Each day, the participants are provided a healthy, delicious snack from our generous volunteers.  Please contact Stephanie if you can provide the snack on one of the days.