Festival Schedule
June 22-27, 2020

A Week of Music You Won't Believe!

10 AM

Every morning, participants will arrive by 10:00 am to warm-up and tune their instruments.

Warm-up / Tune Up

10:30 AM

Small Group Rehearsal

The faculty of festival will break participants into small groups.  Groups will play a variety of music styles and perform their selection at the Thursday evening recital.

12 PM


Students will bring a sack lunch and enjoy socializing with the other festival participants and staff.  At the end of lunch hour, faculty will perform an impromptu recital each day.

1 PM

Small Group Rehearsal

Early afternoon brings new opportunities to play in small to mid-sized ensembles.  Participants may also enjoy one-on-one break out sessions, as needed.

2:30 PM

Full Orchestra Rehearsal

Every day, participants all come together to rehearse the repertoire for the Friday evening's concert.  Our conductor, Jason Weinberg makes this an exciting and inspiring time of the day.

4 PM

Rehearsals will conclude promptly at 4:00 pm each day.

Pick up Time