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Festival Schedule
Hosted by Kirkwood Community College,
6391 Kirkwood Blvd SW, Cedar Rapids
 Classes and rehearsals will be June 24-29 from 9:30 am-4 pm               
Concerts will be on June 27 at 7 pm (faculty),
June 28 at 7 pm (faculty and students,
June 29 at 7 pm at Ellis Park - Music and dance and scene from Shakespeare
performed by Five Seasons faculty (and some invited interns and students)

A Week of Music You Won't Believe!

9:30 am


Every morning, participants will arrive by 9:30 am to learn country dance from the time of Shakespeare 

10:00 am

Instrumental Technique Sessions

The faculty of the festival will break participants into families of instruments

for learning technique, Groups will play a variety of music styles and perform

their selection at the Friday or Saturday evening recital.

12 PM


Participants can purchase lunches at Kirkwood or bring a sack lunch and enjoy socializing with

the other festival participants and staff.  At the end of lunch hour, faculty will perform

an impromptu recital each day.

1 PM

Small Group Rehearsal

Early afternoon brings new opportunities to play in small to mid-sized ensembles. 

Participants may also enjoy one-on-one break out sessions, as needed.

3:00 PM

Larger Ensemble Rehearsals

We close each day in larger ensembles of mixed instruments.  

4 PM

Rehearsals will conclude promptly at 4:00 pm each day.

Pick up Time

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